Powdered Sugar

The secret weapon behind the delicious glazes we top our golden rings of goodness with is actually more simple than you would think. Consisting of pulverized sugar and cornstarch (to prevent caking), powdered sugar is key in making all of our glazes the perfect blend of smooth, sweet, and gooey. Cornstarch is added to the sugar after it has been ground to prevent the fine particles which become prone to absorbing more moisture from sticking together. Powdered sugar is a simple baker’s secret, that often doesn’t find it’s way into most household kitchens. This is because of added anti-caking agent (cornstarch), which makes it practically useless for your morning cup of joe. Even though it doesn’t make for great coffee, in the world of sweet treats powdered sugar is key to making dreamy donuts. What makes it such a useful ingredient is how light it is, it won’t weigh down creams, or glazes, and the cornstarch, which is often used in gravies even helps thicken and stabilize wet ingredients. Because after being pulverized the fine sugar particles become more absorbent, powdered sugar dissolves much more quickly than regular sugar would. This means that when added to wet ingredients it blends more smoothly and quickly than regular granulated sugar would, giving our glazes the perfect texture and our donuts their beautiful coat.