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seasonal selections

Our most unique creations, inspired by the seasons, holidays, or Josh's latest whim.
Call us for availability or email goodselldonuts@gmail.com to place a special order to ensure you get some! Get them while you can, they change monthly!


No, we didn’t make a glaze out of that ‘90s fad. Passionfruit, orange and guava make this bright and slightly tart glaze.

Boston cream

You know this old friend. Chocolate and vanilla come together in perfect harmony.

Chocolate Bomb

Gluten-Free chocolate cake donut, topped with chocolate glaze and chocolate chips. Did I mention chocolate?


Molasses glaze and butterscotch chips.


Mixed berry filling topped with struesel.


Sprite and cherry glaze wopped with maraschino cherries.


Rootbeer Float

Root beer glaze and vanilla pastry cream. Add milk for the perfect float!



A shortcake donut with strawberry glaze and strawberry chantilly cream.


Earl Grey tea glaze topped with a shortbread cookie.

Cereal milk CBD

Local Colorado onehy is to make this glaze and it’s infuzed with 20mg of CBD extract per donut! Topped with Honey Bunches of Oats!


Josh Schwab

Chef/Owner/Mad Scientist


Born and raised in Los Angeles, one of my first memories was going to the corner donut shop with my family.  This grew into a tradition where my Grandfather would bring a dozen donuts for every Sunday Dinner.  My love of food and passion for creativity lead me to Culinary School in Pasadena.  After graduating I moved to Hawaii to start my career.  While working at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion my culinary skills really evolved and grew.  This is where my ingenuity in coming up with new creations truly flourished.  It only took one visit to Denver for me to realize that this is where I want to be.  It's been my dream to combine my passion for fresh, gourmet food and my love for donuts into a successful business... Glazed & Confuzed.  I'm here to show you, Colorado, that there is more to donuts then just glaze and sprinkles! 

This is why Glazed & Confuzed utilizes organic, sustainable and local ingredients in almost all of our donuts.  They are handmade everyday using no preservatives or other nasty stuff, just natural wholesome goodness.



"Local, organic and seasonal ingredients."

Representing Colorado in 50 states, 50 Donuts

"We can't imagine a better way to start the day."

"Taking the donut to another level"  


We're OPEN @ Stanley Marketplace

Stop by and see what the donut buzz is all about. Selections change daily so the best bet is to get in here and find your next favorite donut. 

2501 Dallas Street - South Side