How we raise and glaze

At Glazed & Confuzed we feel quite strongly that there is a donut out there for every kind of person. That is why instead of making just one kind of dough, we're constantly experimenting with cake dough, yeast raised flavors, and a croissant dough you might know as our Puffynut.

Our yeast raised donuts are always bestsellers ranging from simpler flavors like chocolate and vanilla, to more usual glazes like our maple bacon, or confuzed samoa. The magic behind making this dough so light and fluffy that it becomes the perfect vehicle for any donut flavor comes from a single celled microorganism in the fungus family known as yeast. The yeast works as a leavening agent by converting fermentable sugars in the dough to carbon dioxide. The presence of this gas in the dough causes it to bubble and rise resulting in the light and fluffy but still incredibly moist texture that makes our yeast raised donuts irresistible.

Cake donuts are a classic treat, traditionally associated with a more plain cake flavor, here at Glazed and Confuzed we're using this base to turn your favorite bread and cake flavors into deep fried delights. What makes a cake donut so wonderful is the substitution of yeast for a chemical leavener. Utilizing baking powder in this case leaves the donuts more dense than fluffy, leaving them moist but crumbly like your favorite cake.

The Puffynut is our twist on a NYC favorite, combining the delicate layers of a croissant with the deep fried indulgence of a donut, no wonder people come from all around the state just to try our G&C take on the cronut. To make this dough we have to tripple the amount of butter and fold the dough over one hundred and forty times! The butter gives the dough that delicate croissant taste, and folding it allows for all those flaky layers which keep you peeling back for the next bite. When being deep fried this croissant dough grows into a large tower, making it perfect to be stuffed with creams and custards, or just eaten plain dusted with our house made vanilla sugar. 

“Every Friday and Saturday we get up and start the prep for our puffernutz. “